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This tale begins with a tin of Quality Street chocolates. I'm not sure which one of the three sisters had eaten all the chocolates, Auntie Lilian, Auntie Joan or my beautiful Nana, Olive, but never the less I was a very dissapointed 4 year old when I discovered that the sweet treats had been replaced with old buttons. 

Little did I know, that round tin would spark something in me that would have a domino effect on the rest of my life. I started collecting jars, tins and shoeboxes full of vintage and antique buttons in my early teens not having any idea why other than the fact that it was a simple joy to sort and sift through them. 

In 2005 I started creating jewelry and selling little bits here and there to help fund a trip to Kenya where I taught English through the arts. It changed my life. I learned more than can ever be expressed in a few little paragraphs. One of the biggest lessons I learned was that creativity is a very legitimate and important thing to have and it should be nurtured. 

In 2013 I moved out east to learn from the brilliant and innovative Peter Llewellyn in Georgetown, PEI. He taught me the basics of working with silver and that there are no mistakes in creating jewelry, only lessons. I spent a year soaking up everything he had to share about jewelry design and business while drinking absurd amounts of coffee. 

In 2014 I moved home to Ontario and met the love of my life, Sean. We moved in together and he built me a dream studio.
The following year we became Mum and Dad to the most amazing little boy, Oak. He keeps us on our toes and our days are never dull. Between being a new Mum and running a business life has never been more exciting. 

There have been so many characters along my journey with Lemonade Designs and I can't imagine being where we are now without them.

Each piece that is posted has a story, a history, characters that helped it get to where it is now. I believe that our stories never really end. That's life charm, it's constantly changing, growing, adapting. Being upcycled.

I truly love what I do and I am so grateful that you are here, now, embarking on this adventure with me. 

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