When the world feels like it's been turned upsidedown and we can't help but to feel lost in a whirlwind of news and social media it's important to find the little things that ground us. The laughter of a loved one, really listening to their sound of joy and appreciating it. Birds chirping while you sip your morning coffee (that's still hot!). The earth sprouting new beginnings in the form of blooms that have waited all winter to turn their faces to the sun. Rediscovering your creativity and vowing to not forget what you are capable of once the world can breathe again. We all need to hold on to these little things because they are what make life worth living. "Little Things" serves as a reminder that we will all turn our faces to the sun again and grow through this. Made with 100% recycled sterling silver and love. Please let me know what size you would like when placing an order. 

Little Things


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